Have You Owed Or Know of Someone Who Has A “Tabletop Gas Grill”?

Since moving, I have no where to put my bigger Barbecue Grill so I am looking to invest in a smaller unit.

What are your thoughts on something like this BBQ Pro 18 In. Square Tabletop Gas Grill? It is small enough to put away or keep out front of the apartment, but I have not used any grill as small as this.

Let me know your thoughts on whether it works as well as a bigger grill or if the gas heating is not as hot!


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      • San Jose, CA

    Amongst the wide selection of table top gas grills on, there is a stainless-steel tool box BBQ grill, powered by a portable propane cylinder that would not only cook your food, but be a fantastic conversation piece while not sizzling up scintillating burgers and hot dogs on its grill.

    I found the grill/ tool box here:

    1. That's a nice one too Adam!

      I happened to look at that one and finally ended up on getting the Weber Q100 that HcsWys had suggested. I like that I can also adapt it to a bigger propane tank as well as the roller cart.

      We just got it the another day and used it for the first time last night grilling steaks. It was soooo nice being able to grill again for broiling in the oven has no comparison where the flavor is concerned.

      Thank you for the additional suggestion Adam you can never have to many!

  1. I have the Weber Q100. Great little grill which I put on my little patio table when I use it. The grill definitely gets hot enough and is very convenient for apartment living. Only downside is the inability to easily do indirect heating, but you'll have the same challenge with all other small grills. Oh, and you can buy an adapter so that you can use a regular sized propane tank instead of the little bottled ones.

    1. In response to HcsWys

      Oh nice!!! I like the fact that you can change to the tank size. We do a lot of grilling so that is great news!

      I also like that they have a cover for it for which I can bring back in the house and store!

      Thank you for your input I really appreciate it!

      • San Jose, CA

    A camp stove equipped with a Housewares department sold two burned sized grill plate will have a flat and a searing side surface, combined with the longevity that most camp stoves have built into them.

    With the camp stove purchase, there is a choice of using a white gas burning stove or a Propane fuel based stove.

    We've had a Coleman Propane fueled stoves for many years.

    You also have the choice of green finish or green finish, like the Ford Model T's had with their black finishes.

    1. Thank you AdamO!

      Its been a while since I had used a camp stove. Thank you for suggesting!

  2. We used to have a couple different models before we got our full-size grill. The solid stainless steel bodies tend to last much longer, as well as getting hotter. However, as the burners tend to be junk in tabletop gas grills, they do deteriorate after a few years. I always had plenty of heat for cooking steaks, burgers, hot dogs, etc..

    1. In response to BlueCrewGuyInMA


      I thank you for being honest on these types of grills. My hope is that I will only need it for a year and then I will be able to get another full-sized.

      That was one of my major concerns was the deterioration, is there anything that I can to at least slow it down that maybe worked for you?

      Thanks again for your input, it will help my frustration level if I know these things beforehand. LOL