Hello, I have a lawn mower model 917376583 craftsman readystart 6.75HP, that I’m trying to replace the front power drive axel and transmission.I seems that the bolt on belt pully on the transmission is welded on the threaded shaft. Also I’m have no luck removing the wheel drive gear on one side even though the retaining clip as been removed. The other side came off easily after its clip was removed. Any ideas you guy’s?


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  1. Thank you for your question.

    The net that secures the pulley on this model is welded to the pulley. To remove the pulley you will need a pair of channel lock pliers and a wrench to fit the nut. Use the channel lock pliers to hold the transmission shaft under the pulley. Once you have the pliers on the shaft use the wrench to remove the pulley and nut. As for the drive gear, I suspect the end of the shaft is slightly flared out. To remove the gear I recommend filing around the end of the shaft. Once you have the flared end filed down, the gear should come off. I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

  2. Welcome, sdreed! Thanks for providing so much information for the Lawn and Garden Experts to easily answer your question today. I will send this along to them to help you to replace that axle and transmission. I will send you an email once they respond.