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  1. Hi Sears_Buyer!

    What a great question!

    Yes, you can place the order online while opting to pay at store for your items if they are in stock at that specific store. Keep in mind when doing so that this order must be paid in store within 48 hours.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Thank you!

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      Close, Wendy. The order must be paid in the store within 45 minutes of the order being made online. The associate can make a Store-2-Home or Web-2-Store purchase online on the store's computers, and choose "Pay In Store" as the payment option. From that point, there's a 45 minute time window, after which the order will automatically be cleared from the system. These orders can also be made for items not at the store, as long as they're items that can be sent to the store or shipped via UPS to the customer's home. If it's an item that is Sold by Sears on, and isn't something like a tractor or a major appliance, it can usually be sent to their home without shipping charges.

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      Wow!! Thank you for the clarification and additional information for I was told 48 hours!

      I appreciate you adding your input BlueCrewGuylnMA for I do not want to cause a member to lose their order due to being misinformed! ;-)

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      Kmart and Sears have different rules, the 48hour rule is for Kmart.
      "Launched in all Kmart stores nationwide in July. This feature gives members and customers that don't use credit cards access to thousands of items at, which includes categories such as home, fitness & sports, beauty & health, clothing, music, movies, gaming and more."

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