Hi I have a garage door opener model number 139.53930DM that I just installed/replace the same model I had previously and the limit settings will not set in either direction. It runs into the stop bolts in both directions. No matter the number of turns I make on the limit adjusters they always fully travel both directions and hit the stop bolts usually the up direction hits the stop bolt and then jams there… Help!


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  1. Hi there, Cvdman! Welcome to MySears! You have come to the right place with your question today! I know one of the Garage Door Opener experts will be able to offer a tip of two on getting your opener working properly.

    An Expert will be by in a bit with an answer. Once he posts, I will let you know via email with a link directing you back to this thread.


    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      Hello and thanks for your question about the newly installed garage door opener. Based on the description you have provided and you details about adjusting the limits with no results I would suggest that you refer to page 28 in the installation manual and test the force limits. This may be causing the issue of the stops.
      Ron H.