Hi! We just purchased and put together a liquid propane gas grill. When we put the battery in (it goes under the ignition button), the ignition trigger started clicking continuously, even with the burners on


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  1. I am sorry you are having a problem with the grill. If the igniter is sparking all the time, I recommend checking the wire that go to the igniter. If one of them is connected wrong or the insulation is cut it cause this problem. If you cannot see any problems with the wires, please reply below with the model number. Once I have the model number, I should be able to give you more assistance. If this unit is new you may want to have it serviced. You can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule service.

  2. It sounds like the spring may be missing. Do you see a spring in the button? Did the battery encounter a spring when it bottomed out where it goes? If there isn't a spring anywhere between the button and the bottom, that's a likely cause. There should be a yellow piece of paper with an 800 phone number on it. You may want to call that number to double-check with them that everything is as it otherwise should be.

    If the "button" is actually a hard cap, you might want to check the side burner control **** (assuming it has a side burner) and, to be safe, the other knobs, to make sure they're in the "off" position. Any **** on a grill that has ****-based ignition can run the ignition at all times if it's stuck in the wrong position.

    There is no temperature-based ignition shut-off. It will just run as long as it's being told by the button or knobs to create a spark.