Hi…for 4 weeks I have attempted to get a technician to come to my home and fix a recliner that is under warranty. I have called Sear Customer Solutions 5 times and I am told someone will call with an appointment. I’m still waiting. I am either going to get service this coming week or I will file a BBB complaint and contact the FTC. Your customers should NOT be treated like this. Lon Strickler — Update: Hi…I sent an email as requested but have not heard back with a confirmation. Please advise…Lon Strickler


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      • San Jose, CA

    What is not working on your recliner?

    Do you have its model number?

  1. Hi LoriStrickler! I see a member of the SearsCares team responded today on your original thread. Seems like they have not received your contact information. Once you send an email to the posted address of as mentioned in their comment, they will be in touch ASAP to help.

    Please let us know if you have any questions with this process. We are happy to help-we want to get this resolved for you.


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