Holiday Cards?

Do you send out holiday cards every year?

If so, do you order one that has a picture of your family or a general card? Do you include an informative letter letting friends and family know what you have been up to for the last year?


2 answers

  1. I always intend to send out a card, but never do. I do the genaric cards. Write personal messages if I remember. I was very tempted to order the ones of grumpy cat this year. I love how cute and grumpy that cat is!

  2. My family and I got tired of having to write all the cards out and do so much mailing. After some debate we came up with a new idea two years ago. Send out an email with a nice letter and a presentation with pictures from the family throughout the year. Making sure to include pictures from birthdays, holidays and special occasions with little notes seemed to good to pass up. We got really good feedback on the idea and some of our friends have joined us in sending this out.

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