“Hot Buy” not hotter than my unusable coupon.

I have a coupon sent to me that would $10 off, except most of the items I want to purchase are “hot buys” (which the coupon can’t be used on) that are discounted significantly lower than $10. This seems kind of fishy. If this is a store coupon why can’t we use this in place?


3 answers

  1. Looks like that "Hot Buy" tag is spreading like a virus at the Sears & Kmart websites. Pretty soon, it will become pointless for ShopYourWay to email those coupons to anyone.

  2. Hi Tiredofthis! Welcome to MySears! Thanks for this feedback today! I am sorry you are having trouble finding something to buy with that coupon. What are you looking to purchase?

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      They are not "having trouble finding something to buy", they have seen something and have found that the coupon is worthless because of Sears hanging the "Hot Buy" tag on it. There is a big difference