How can I get a hold of someone who can make things happen? Our $4000+ combination oven has been replaced 3 times in 2 years. We moved on to a new model and they have cancelled 4 times for the install. Any ideas?

Our original 30″ Kenmore Elite Combination Oven/Micro had multiple major parts failures repeatedly. Service technicians were fair at best and some even walked away from the house having done nothing. One technician even reported the service trip as cancelled even though he promised to request a new unit. It took 3 months to get the approval for a new unit. Now I have had 3 brand new ovens in the house with each one requiring service within a month. We have given up on Kenmore Elite but since we have requested a different brand we can’t get it installed. Today is the 4th time the installers have called to cancel the appointment because the new unit is not in the warehouse. I’ve told everyone I know about how horrible it has been but it does me little good when I don’t have an oven or microwave in my brand new kitchen


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  1. I would love to know when/if your problem is addressed. These people here say they tried to reach me on Feb 1, but there was no email and no voice mail. You don't suppose they lied?!?!?!

  2. Let_Down,

    Hi, my name is Brian with the Sears Cares team. We apologize for the experience you have had so far in getting your combination unit installed or what seems maybe even available. We would certainly like to look into this further to see what is causing the issues and make sure this situation is resolved quickly.Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (Let_Down) and phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we apologize for any trouble we have caused and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Thank you,

    Brian H.
    MySears Community Moderator

  3. Hi Let_Down! Welcome to MySears! I am sorry to hear about the troubles you have had with those Kenmore Elite ovens, and the subsequent installation of a new oven, as well. I can imagine how extremely frustrating this must be for you. A SearsCares team member will be by in a bit to help.

    I will be sure to send you an email letting you know once a response is posted.