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  1. For real? Virtual? Bah Humbug! My children are finally at the age to flip through a paper catalog and gaze in wonder at the toy selection, like I did 30+ years ago and this is the first year there is no paper copy? Sadly disappointed, Sears. Sadly disappointed.

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      Well, you could print it..

      • San Jose, CA

    Apparently, the Craftsman tool catalog has gone "virtual" too.

    Did I mention "collecting" old Sears and Craftsman catalogs?

    Paper catalogs are the advertising dollar that keeps going and going, years after a publication is no longer "current".

    I like the Craftsman 1st Tool toys, too.

  2. He is correct, Generic_name. Look for the Wish Book to be available very soon online! We'll be sure to let our members know when you can check it out.

  3. I have heard there is not going to be a paper wishbook this year. Everything is going to be online instead.

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