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    Have you stocked up on a spare package or two of shear pins for your snow blower, while it is in the process of being repaired? They're really good things to have, while using the blower.

  1. There's really no mechanism to "track" where in the process a particular item is. To be blunt, there are far too many items being repaired for them to be individually updating a record on a regular basis regarding exactly what's happening with each one, and far too little customer demand to make such a mechanism a worthwhile investment of time, labor, and money. That's not to say that what you're asking is unreasonable in and of itself, but more that it's not something that is going to be done on the request of a single person. Generally, if it's been dropped off for repair, it will be picked up on a certain day of the week to be transported to a repair facility, it will be worked on, and usually returned on the next drop-off day (usually 7-10 days from when it was picked up to be taken to the repair facility). The only real way to track repair progress is to have the repairs done at your home, which is an option for snowthrowers (though, if your repair is not warranty-covered or done under a Repair Protection Agreement, will involve a trip charge). Otherwise, it will be fixed, and as far as exactly when that particular item is finished, it is generally irrelevant, as it's going to end up back at the repair drop-off location the same day regardless of whether it's done the first day it's there or days later.

  2. Hi rtc44! You can contact the store where you dropped your snow blower off for repair. They should be able to help!

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