How can we change the water and air filter on our Grab n Go refrigerator?

We cannot get the cover off of the air filter. And the water filter … we are able to open the cover, drop down the filter, but even when we pull with all our might, it will not come out.


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  1. Hi Kalabu,

    Not sure if you figured this out or not yet but I was just having the same problem with my water filter. I actually had to remove the entire shelf in order to drop the cartridge down low enough for it to pull out. Once the shelf was removed, the filter came out easily. The air filter turned to the left on my first try so I can't help you there.

  2. The air filter cover comes off with a quarter counter-clockwise turn. The water filter may need to be tilted further down before pulling it out.

  3. Hi Kalabu,

    Its great to have you in the MySears Community!

    I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with removing the cover off of the air filter.

    To help aid you with this issue I am going to have one of our Sears Appliance Experts help in answering your questions.

    Please check back for a reply.

    Thank you!

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I will be awaiting an answer. As to the first response, we did twist the cover in the direction indicated for the air filter but it will not budge. Neither of us are weaklings, but the thing will not move.

      As for the water filter, we pulled the cover all the way down to the shelf and then lowered the filter as far down as it would go. We pulled so hard we though it would break if we tried any further. I hate to have to resort to a service call for a simple thing like this, but it seems we are going to have to. We even went in to the store and the salesman was able to easily do it on the floor model, but even after seeing that, ours still will not budge.

      Please help!

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I'm sorry you're having this problem with the filter cover. This is very unusual for a cover to be difficult to remove. To be able to access any information about your refrigerator, the complete model number will be needed. If you would like to have a technician check this, you can call 1-800-469-4663 to schedule a tech to come out.

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