How can you make a complaint about sears-repair

It started 12/30 with my service order 41741358. Tech came diagnosed fridge & ordered 3 parts. Compressor, condenser & drier. Stated he’ll return on 1/9. Nightmare begins: on 1/9 tech comes sees all the parts demands payment in full b4 he begins. When I advise him I only pay for labor he leaves. After numerous calls to customer solutions he returns & just installs compressor. Takes the other parts & leave. Fridge still not working. I call sears back on 1/10 & they give me another appt for 1/21. I request they be proactive an reorder the condenser & drier& they decline. I also request for a sooner appt as this is not my fault & they decline. Too my surprise on 1/12 they charge me for the labor!! Huh! My fridge isn’t fixed!!! Now what’s going to happen on 1/21 the tech will walk in & leave an order parts. Still no fridge. I’ll get another appt for installation of parts in 2 additional weeks. What ever happened to one call resolution & customer care being proactive & reordering the parts so they can be here on the 1/21 appt. will never ever use sears again & I shouldn’t be charged until repair is done. Did u mention this is a brand new refrigerator purchased from sears from sears on 3/8/2011. Shouldn’t need major parts in 2 1/2 years!!!! When asked to complain or speak to a supervisor they transfer you too India.. Smh


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  1. I live in between you both, Sears is no better here.I have to say - when my kenmore dryer needs repair, I don't care if it's under warranty or not, I will not call Sears. I'm betting it will be cheaper anyway. Certainly my sanity will be preserved. Good luck!

  2. You may live across the country, but your experience is no different than mine. You can read my experience about 2 calls that they didn't keep and didn't notify me.

    Yes, you are absolutely correct, the people on the telephone are not helpful and don't know how to use the phone. If you ask for a supervisor, they cut you off and you have to start over again OR, they try and make you feel better by telling you that someone will call you back in 2 days.

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      I just called sears escalations to see if they will be proactive & order the parts needed. They gave me case # 2072759. Let's see if there proactive or just another sham to get customers off the phone. I'll keep everyone updated. The number to escalations is 800-573-8431

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      Hope your situation turns out better than mine. I had an escalation number too.

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