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How close are the new 40 volt Lawn & Garden tools to being shipped out to the stores?

More powerful than my 19.2 volt C3 Lawn & Garden tools and 35 percent lighter than an equivalent sized gas powered L & G tool. Intriguing…


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      • San Jose, CA

    Mmm... The chainsaw, string trimmer, hedge trimmer and blower come to mind.

    I've just finished reviewing the sites promo on the tools.

    Those deals look POWERFUL, without being too noisy or fresh gas concerns.

    1. Hi AdamO,

      In researching these Craftsman items within the promo, there are 2 or these tools available for purchase whereas the other 2 will not be available until Fall 2013.

      Craftsman 40 volt 12” Cordless String Trimmer and Edger (available for purchase)

      Craftsman 40V Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer (available for purchase)

      Craftsman 40 Volt Blower (available Fall 2013)

      Craftsman 40 Volt Chainsaw (available Fall 2013)

      Hope this helps!

  1. HI AdamO!

    We will do our best in locating this information for you. Is there specific tools that you are interested in?

    Thank you!

        • San Jose, CA

      In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      Murphy's Law

      It would be the chain saw for taking down and bucking some dead trees around the Property.

      I've already got the C3 powered Recip saw for the smaller pruning and limbing jobs.

      Thank you for the info.

      I'll be waiting...