How come all the $5 off $25 tools coupons never work. I have received them in SYWR and after placing an order. They always say online and in store and I have never once got them to work. If I get the same coupons in my email they work fine. I currently placed a few orders and got coupons I would like to use but they won’t work and its to frustrating to call in to place and order that should take 2 minutes on line and waste 30 minutes on the phone with someone who is reading off of a screen. Please help!


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  1. I've use chat, email, and telephone to report the problems with the "$5 off $25" coupon, and the other tool coupons included with order confirmations. After a few months, you have to accept that either the employees do not have the knowledge to fix the problem or just do not care.

  2. Hi bigdonk9111! Thanks for posting on the MySears Community today. I have sent you an email requesting a bit more information so we can specifically look into the problems you are having and do what we can to get this straightened out for you.

    Check your email inbox!


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      "This promo code doesn't match one in our system. Please check the code and try again."

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      I have the same problem. I also keep getting the message ""This promo code doesn't match one in our system. Please check the code and try again." Based on posts on other forums, it appears that no one has been able to successfully use this coupon online without having to call customer service. How very annoying. I'll just buy my tools from Amazon - it's cheaper too and without tax.

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      I've also had this issue happen on 3 separate occasions across a few weeks of orders. I'm more than confident that they are aware, just don't care, and it is borderline bait and switch. They know $5 isn't enough for people to actually call in about so they the mental credit for having the coupon and count on the apathy of their customers. It's sad really.

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