How come sale prices in ad circulars are longer valid on

Normally, the weekly ad pricing is available online. Today, Item# 07169602000 is showing $19.99 in the ad circular, but $34.99 online. I contacted Sears customer service, and was told that the ad prices are only available in-store. I searched for a different item from the ad and noticed the sale price matched the online price, so I contacted CS again. I reached a different person, but they also insisted that ad prices are not available online. Though, the second person could not even find the weekly ad, so I don’t think they can be considered “knowledgeable”.


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  1. Thanks for your inquiry, Mit_1! Sales which are valid online will usually be indicated in the ad.

    If you want to double check, I would recommend your contact the case manager who assisted you previously. I am sure she can help to clarify.

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      As I already mentioned: "Normally, the weekly ad pricing is available online." There are no special indicators in the ads to let you know which prices are available online. You simply search on for the item # from the ad, and you'll usually get the same sale price. Why am I getting the feeling you have limited experience shopping on

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      Ahhh...I understand, Mit_1! I would recommend getting in touch with your case manager. She should be able to look into this further for you and help you if there is an error. Thanks!

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      Well, what do you know! After emailing the problem to, the website price was corrected to match the weekly ad. Of course, that proves that there is a lack of proper training for all the customer service reps who insist that the weekly ad is only for in-store pricing.