how do I completely delete my account

You have 2 emails for me and every time I try to fix it, you tell me the other exists. I am not able to pull up my orders like I am supposed to. I placed an order on Sears last Saturday and I can’t pull it up. The sites apparently are “linked…sears, kmart, etc. like you say they are” and my frustration between chat and trying to get MY information is making my blood boil at this point. I want my entire online account deleted. How do I do this:?


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  1. Hi Casey0519! Sorry you are having such issues logging on the site. The best way to access your account to make any sort of changes, including deletion, would be to use the "forgot password" option on When you click to sign in, just click "forgot" to reset your password. From there, you should be able to access your account.

    Hope that helps!

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