How do I find an executive phone number for help with my refrigerator problem?Unbeknown to me upon return I was charged a restocking fee. All the call centers pass the buck to another agent.

no where on my receipt or paperwork does it say a 15% restocking fee is charged for refrigerators. It was returned in good condition within the time period.


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    Why was the refrigerator originally returned?

    1. didn't fit well and was extremely noisy

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      Was the refrigerator "used" while determining its fit and enduring the "noise" it was making?

      I understand used condition items being returned, without manufacturing defects, can have a restocking fee charged for them, too.

      Air conditioners, at the stores around here, have a 50 percent restocking fee, to discourage the practice of rental retail purchasing of seasonal equipment.

  1. HI tealle48! We can get you in touch with a SearsCares team member if you would like. Check back on this thread shortly for a response. Thanks!

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      I have called countless 800 etc numbers to no avail as agents just transfer me around and I get no where expect to repeat my problem a "million" times.
      Now, I have contacted my city's news station and will work with them to rectify my problem which includes the rude, unprofessional treatment and concern I have received from Sears. The BBB will also be involved. It's unfortunate I need to go to this extent to receive help as I would have gladly worked with Sears!

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      My name is Tony and I am with the MySears escalations team at the executive office. I would like to start by expressing our sincerest apologies for the trouble that you have encountered with regard to returning your refrigerator. I can certainly understand your frustration with getting to the store to return the item to only be told that there was a restocking fee. I can certainly see how this is confusing to you as it is not stipulated on any of your paper work that this is the case. Furthermore, we understand your disappointment for calling in and not receiving the assistance that you were seeking to get this resolved. We truly value you as a Sears’ customer and we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you further and be your one point of contact within Sears to get this matter resolved to your complete satisfaction. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number used at the time of the purchase, to Please include your MySears screen name (Tealle48) so that we may expedite your request, and we look forward to assisting you.
      MySears Community Moderator
      Tony T

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      A phoenix news station--channel 3 has already been contacted and will interview me this wed Nov 15 including a cameraman.
      If Sears would like to credit the wrongfully charged restocking fee tomorrow before my news station meeting occurs, I will cancel the interview. I will send my contact info to you in the hopes that this can be settled in a timely manner.

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      Here it is already 2 days--48 hours instead of the 24 hours when you stated I would be contacted. I sent in my contact info as Tony T requested and still have not heard from anyone. This is the turmoil I have been through with Sears agents--either no response or just pass the buck! Channel 3 news will be at my house today to help me get correct resolution on crediting the restocking fee for the refigerator.

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      Sears Community Moderator Tony T,
      I still have not been contacted by anyone from Sears and it has been another 24 hours!
      This is the continuous type of unprofessional customer service I have received from Sears. Maybe I'm just not "important enough" to receive the curiosity for Sears to callback.
      Channel 3 news people were at my house yesterday to discuss the resolution process.

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      A sears rep just called from Texas and actually gave me contact info as how to call her back. Hopefully, we can work out the restocking fee. We'll see what happens as she is to contact me again on sat Nov 17th

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      Great, tealle48! Keep us posted!

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    Was the refrigerator's packaging opened?

    1. no, there was no packaging as the refrigerator was unwrapped on the floor

    2. Why are you bothering this poor customer with your useless question? You said you didn't work for Sears.

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      I seem to CARE about helpiing posters here.

      Why do you enjoy "sniping" posts so often.

      Maybe you could provide some useful posting content, yourself?

  2. Built-in refrigerators have a restocking fee if returned. Services performed such as installation are also not refundable, if such may be the case. Sears return policy on Home Appliances "when delivered" is 72 hours, otherwise it is 60 days.

    1. In response to Civsci

      This refrigerator is definitely not built in--just free standing next to a kitchen wall

  3. If it's a special order item, there is a 15% restocking fee. If it's a special order item, that information would be found near the bottom of the receipt.

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      This item was definitely not a special order item as it was on the floor and purchased directly from the store and removed the same day.

  4. Where did you find the time period?

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      On my paperwork and receipt it gives 90 days, but says nothing about a restocking fee for refrigerators. I took a picture of the sign in the store which also says absolutely nothing about a restocking fee.

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