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August 5th, 2013
To whom it may concern,
On Aug. 1st, 2013 I brought my 2005 Ford Superduty in for tire repair/replacement. One tire had 2 nails in it, and one tire had the belts spreading (manufacturing defect) on the edge of the tire causing vibrations at highway speeds (55-75). I also asked to have my charging system checked, the battery light was coming on every once in a while. I arrived at 4pm, and was told it shouldn’t take long to fix the nail holes and replace said bad tire, because the shop wasn’t too busy, by employee 730317.
After 90 minutes I went to talk to the person behind the counter to get an idea of what was wrong. He was on the phone for awhile,( took 3 attempts to get noticed) and I finally asked him were the new tire was, and he stated he didn’t have one on hand, something about the inventory being wrong(not my fault). It took him 1 ¾ hours to figure this out at my expense, and didn’t even seem to care. He said he would have a tire for me the next day, (wish I would have known that when I first talked to him). By the time the guys put the fixed tire/wheel on the wrong side of my truck and then the correct side and put the spare on my truck so I could leave, almost 3 hours had passed. Just to get 2 nails fixed. And they completely forgot about the checking the charging system.
I left your store a little pissed off. I have been coming to Sears for about 29 years and never received such poor service, and have never seen such blatant disregard for a customer. Is this the way you train your employees to handle something like this? Is this your normal “customer satisfaction” I can expect to get?
So, on August 2nd, I show up to get my new tire and wheel, I tell the new guy behind the counter (employee 257659) about my experience the day before. Guess what, he didn’t give a ****. I asked him how long it would take to get my spare taken off and the new replacement tire switched with spare, he said 1.5 to 2 hours!!! I promptly rolled my tire to the truck and left, after paying $237 dollars for a defective tire replacement. I had to install it myself, Or push this job towards the 5 hour mark.
When I finally got home I started to switch out the spare for the new tire/wheel, one of my lugs was missing and the rest were loose. Mind you they were not busy at all when I they did this screw up. Toque should have been 150 lbs. not 30/40lbs. Glad I didn’t get hurt or hurt someone else.
On August 3rd, my alternator finally stopped working, not Sears fault it stopped working but if there was someone competent behind the counter my concerns about it on August 1st would have been addressed/confirmed. So, I stand stranded along the road with my wife and daughter. Great weekend!!! Thanks Sears!!
What I’d like to know is what you are going to do about the situation at hand? Is your company going to continue this with other customers in this manner? Will I ever purchase another set of tires from your store? Isn’t there a sign over one of your doors that states: “satisfaction guaranteed”? Might as well take that sign down. I guess when I spend over $1100 dollars on tires for my truck I expect better service, and maybe, just maybe someone that gives a **** about “your customers”.
Word of mouth is what makes or breaks a business, freedom of speech is king.

Thanks for reading this,
Patrick *******
1*** ***** Ranch Road, ******, AZ 85641

Invoice created by 730317, invoiced completed by 257659
Reference number IN6206401
6621 Sear, Roebuck and Co. Facility #07009029k
5950 E. Broadway
Tucson, AZ


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  1. Rugermack, my name is Liz and I am a member of the Sears Cares Escalation team. I saw your comment today and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. We are sorry to see that you had such an unsatisfactory experience at one of our Auto Centers. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your experience and help any way we can to address any concerns you may have. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (rugermack), phone # used at time of purchase to Again, we do apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you, Liz R. MySears Community Moderator

  2. Hi rugermack! Welcome to MySears! We appreciate you taking the time to share your Sears Auto experience with us. I am so sorry to hear that it was so unsatisfactory. I have passed your feedback along to the Auto Team, but would also like to get you in touch with the SearsCares team, as well. They are the customer service escalation team who will do what they can to make sure you are taken care of.

    Check back in a bit for a response from a team member soon looking to help.


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      August 9,2013, no reply yet.

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