How do I get my Lawn Tractor 917.288512 to raise the mower unit to 4″ as advertised? I can only reach 2.5″.


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    You may be able to achieve a higher mowing height by simply increasing the air pressure in the rear tires of your tractor.

    The caveats are; Don't exceed the maximum pressure rating printed on the side of your tires. Higher pressurized tires "could" put greater wear on your turf while mowing.

    But, it's a pretty simple step, that sometime gives great rewards.

  1. You should be able to adjust the mower deck to reach approximately 4 inches though that figure can vary depending upon the soil condition or height and type of grass being cut. The 4 inches should be measured from the ground to the tip of the cutting blade while the tractor is not running. Does the mower attachment lift lever move to all of the notches? I hope this helps. Thank you for visiting mySearscommunity.

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      Thanks, I'm measuring as you suggested on my level garage floor. I've checked and rechecked the instruction manual to no avail. Lowering the lift lever drops the mower so that it touches the floor. I have to mow with the unit set to six (The highest).

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