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I need your help PLEASE!

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I could really use your help, last year on June 14 my husband and I bought

a display Craftsman lawn mower, when we got it home, the belt was slipping

a lot but my husband replaced the belt and just kept putting it back on. We

should had said something to them then but didn’t. We have a three year

warranty so we weren’t very worried. We used the mower last year maybe four

months and that’s stretching it. When we got it out for the summer this year

the same thing kept happening and I called sears about getting it replaced

because of the warranty and the length of time it had been used. Instead

they sent a tech out who put a new belt on, which didn’t need it because my

husband had just replaced it. He stayed about 20 minutes, never drove the

mower and left. When I came out to mow, the back belt wasn’t falling off

anymore it was the front one. He left his card so I called him right back

and he got really ugly and told me I would have to make another apt. in

which I did. I requested a new tech and turned in a complaint on the guy

who came before. I had to wait two more weeks, but that was fine. That

morning I received a call saying that I requested a different tech (mind you

it was two wks prior) The caller said that since I requested a different tech

I would have to wait another 2 weeks. When I tried to speak, she transferred

me to warranties and I had to explain the story and ask for a supervisor in which

they didn’t want to let me speak to. The one I finally got to talk to was in North

Carolina and tried to tell me it was procedure and I demanded her to fix it because

I was the customer and I was tired of being jerked around by them. She got in

touch with somebody from my district who called and told me to hold while she

dispatched somebody and never came back to the phone. I again called customer

service but they didn’t have any notes of any conversations. In between the

two weeks they had sent a box of parts for the mower, so when the new tech

got there we gave him the parts and he said we didn’t need those parts that

the first guy didn’t know what he was talking about. So he put another new

belt on (Joke right) and tinkered with it and told my husband he needed him

to sign for the parts so that we wouldn’t be charged 200.00 for a new belt. One

it didn’t need a new belt, number two we have a 3 year warranty and three the

first guy didn’t charge us for the new belt he put on that we didn’t need. He printed

us a blank receipt in which I do still have. The new tech adjusted a few things as well

but when he left our mower has sounded like a tracker started up and it is missing

so bad and just not mowing well at all. This tech didn’t drive either but did have

my husband drive. It drove ok until we went to start it up the next morning, I was

livid by this time and had to set up another apt two weeks later. They had told

me he was going to be there in the morning, he never showed and then they said

by 5:00. We had things to do and had to reschedule but he called us and wanted

to know was it still slipping belts and I lost my cool with him and told him that

he knew those parts were suppose to go on my mower and he denied it and

said the problem is that craftsman has some mowers out with default motors

in them and he was going to replace our engine???? It hasn’t been used but maybe six

months and they are replacing the engine rather then just give us a new mower and spare

their customer who by the way has bought every appliance we own from sears. So

we have gone from a belt slipping, to all of a sudden he admits the motor needs replaced.

They wont replace because it’s a year old, I explained people do not use their mower’s

year round but that didn’t matter. So now my 1 year lawn mower used maybe six months

needs a new motor, lights quit working when the first tech came out and the blades look

instead of turning go up and down as they are turning. This has been the biggest nightmare

of my life. Yes I could sell it to somebody else, give them the warranty but I couldn’t live with

myself if I did that. So I am hoping that there is something that you can do. I bought it at

Hendersonville Sears but its the warranty department in Nashville that will NOT

work with me. I know you can get results, you always do. I just want my 1000.00

I invested in a brand new mower and not a dud. If there was a lemon law on lawn

mowers this would qualify. There customer service skills are horrible, its as though

they don’t care about the customer at all. No matter which number you call, they

are rude. Please HELP!!!!!

Sam and Anita ****

61*-***-**** I also want to add that I do have a case number of 6453565, it was given to me by the phone number 1-800-***-****. This number is the only ones who acted as though they cared about me and my problem!


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  1. Dear Aspahr,

    My name is Brian and I am part of the Sears Social Media Escalations team. We are sorry for the poor experience you have had with your lawn mower purchase. We would be more than happy to look into your concerns, and see what options we have to help. Please send the following information – contact #, screen name (aspahr), phone # used at time of purchase to We do look forward to assisting with this situation, and speaking with you soon.

    Thank you,
    Brian S.
    MySears Community Moderator

  2. Welcome, aspahr! I am so sorry to hear you have had such troubles getting your tractor repaired. We can have the SearsCares team take care of you and make sure this is taken care of.

    I have removed your contact information from publicly displaying for your security, but sent it on to the SearsCares team so they can directly reach out. Please look to hear from them soon.