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      • San Jose, CA

    I just finished filling out the online CSAT survey for the Craftsman Holiday ornament I bought yesterday. My surveys all tend to be "tens". So. The sales folks look forward to my visits and small purchases, as opposed to customers making larger purchases but not filling out the survey forms or that take the opportunity to tear at Sears, instead of evaluating THAT purchase experience.

    How are the rest rooms, changing rooms and the parking lot?

    These questions are ON the survey form.

    I give the person who sold me the ornament high marks for the restrooms and the fitting rooms. What? You don't WEAR your holiday ornament?

    And, the store's parking lot has JUST been redone, with working storm drains. This is something to NOT take for granted, after having forded a small lake at the end of one of the local hardware store's parking lot.

    Nope. It's not too deep. You can just... make out the top of the curb, over yonder.

    Onward! Ever onward...

    I was really surprise to not see any questions concerning the wearing of "flare" on the employee's uniform.

    Love them Bolt-On buttons. They didn't have no spare button, before the last inspectional visit to the store.

  1. Hi NRecord! Did you fill out the survey on the bottom of your receipt? If you did, then the manager will receive your feedback. You can also send an email, if you would like to We will be sure to pass it along for you.

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