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    The "virtual" version of this year's Wish Book is not on the website yet.

    And, just finding the catalog section of the site is quite a challenge.

    Thankfully, the Craftsman holiday ornaments are right in the store's seasonal Winter Wonderland, where there is a whole SHELF lined with different Craftsman Tool Ornaments, including a metal hacksaw ornament.

    Sears seems to have a penchant for hacksaws (over a half dozen currently offered in the store) of different types and sizes.

    The interesting side bar is that I've never seen a SINGLE Craftsman ratchet version of a tool ornament.

    This year's metal finish is pewter, making next year's finish probably antique bronze.

    You can keep your ornament in its original little display box, for maximum collectible value.

    Or, you can take out the ornament and hang it on your tree.

    If you buy two or more of the same ornament, you can do BOTH.

  1. Hi there mamabeth43,

    Print copies of the Sears Wishbook will not be available this year but keep an eye on for the digital version of the catalog to be available real soon.

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