How do I recover software I originally purchased with my laptop?

The laptop we purchased got a Virus. The computer repair shop cleaned the laptop of the virus. They did not restore all of the software I originally had when I purchased the laptop.


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  1. The repair shop should have used your recovery discs or back ups when restoring your computer after the virus, but probably used their own recovery discs.

    Did your computer come with a recovery disc or did you create a recovery disc when you first received your computer? If so, you (or a computer repair shop) can use those discs to restore the original programs. (Note that a full recovery will erase any personal files so be sure you back up before taking it to the repair shop).

    This doesn't help now if you haven't done a recovery disc or backup but it serves as a
    cautionary tale that reminds us to 1) create a recovery disc the first time we set up a computer. And 2) setup a backup system using an external hard drive or the cloud, where you can restore your system with all of your personal files and programs to an earlier time before you had the virus.

    For the future, be sure to get a backup program or use the Windows backup with an external hard drive. When you buy a new external hard drive and connect the first time, it will ask if you want to use the drive for backup. Say yes and be sure the hard drive is always connected or connected each time you use the computer.