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  1. There is a PIN code required to spend points. If you have a membership card, or set your PIN to a code that you remember, you're all set. If you haven't redeemed points within the last 6 months or so, your PIN code has been changed to your ZIP code. This was done to make sure that members who had perhaps signed up and forgotten their pin but have no cell phone or e-mail attached to their membership account would have a way to use their points. Also, if they had signed up early on and were given a card with a PIN code on it, and had lost that card, and they signed up without a cell phone or e-mail, they'd otherwise have no method of getting or changing their PIN code. So, if you fit in this category of members, tell the person at the register that you'd like to spend your points. You can either present your membership card or, if without a card, offer your phone number and use your PIN code.

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      How do I get a pin# if I gave out my cell to use my points?
      Please help

  2. Hi kfish1! Welcome to the MySears Community! You can use your points on either in store or online purchases! When you are making a purchase in store, just let the associate know you would like to use your points. When you are ordering online, you will see an option to apply your Shop Your Way points to that purchase.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions!

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      I did not know I had 3000 points to use and bought a new microwave today and did not know I needed to ask nor did the cashier ask if I would like to use points. Those points expire tomorrow. How can I use them now?