How do I reset my Sears Craftsman wireless keypad code?

Without knowing the old code, how do I change the wireless keypad code? Everywhere I look online, people say to press and hold the “learn/srt/reset” button, but my garage door opener is an older Sears Craftsman 1/2 hp model 139.53606 with 9 dip switches (+, 0, -) and no learn button of which to speak.


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  1. Thank you for your question. The wireless transmitter should have some dip switches on the back side. If you do not have an owner's manual then I suggest you vist the Manage My Life web site and obtain a copy of the manual which does include instructions for setting up the wall switch and the remote transmitters. I hope this helps. Thank you for using mySearscommunity. The remote will have 3 buttons. Before setting the dip switches you will need to set the receiver code. To use the center button leave the switch in the middle on the O setting.

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      My wireless remote had dip switches I could adjust, but to my knowledge the wireless keypad (Sears craftsman 031d0359 rev e) does not have dip switches...? Rather, it has 9 number buttons and an "Enter" button. Your thoughts? If I could find a way to "reset" the door opener with some form of "learn" button, then I could re-key the keypad, but I'm not locating one of those on my older dip switch model.

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      singerofthenite, I do not believe you can add a keyless keypad to your opener. I am not aware of any replacement keyless entry pad that will work with an opener with dip switches. Are you wanting to replace the current wall control with a keyless pad? The keyless pad will only work with newer models without the dip switches.

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      No, I'm not replacing anything, just trying to utilize what's already been set up. My husband bought the house several years ago before we were married and these openers and keypads have been going unused for several years (our neighbor unplugged it during one of my husband's deployments when the door started opening and closing due to a neighbor's similar frequency). I just thought I'd try to get them up and running again. The keypad code was the last step. It confounds me greatly, but alas, it seems to be quite the riddle. 'Tis fine. I reckon it shall forever remain an unsolved mystey! Thank you for your responses, though.

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