How do I return a present for which I have no receipt? But would gladly accept store credit.

The gift was bought in CA we live in IL. We brought to our local Sears and they say they don’t carry, but the product has a Sears tag attached. They told us to call Customer Service, they couldn’t help and told us to call the Sears it was bought at, they couldn’t help us. Please advise!


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  1. Hi frustrated71!

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    I am very sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing with the return of your item. Is their any way that the person whom had provided the gift can locate the receipt through either their Sears account or SYWR account?

    It looks like you have already reached out to our online Customer Service at 1-800-697-3277 on this issue. In further research, the return policy "refunds/exchanges will not be given without a receipt".

    Sorry we could not be of more help in providing further avenues!