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  1. The TurboZone only runs when it is selected as a cycle option. If you used it on the last cycle and you're simply hitting the "Start" button rather than manually setting the cycle and options, it will remain active, just like the other cycle settings. Simply manually set the cycle and options, and if you don't choose TurboZone as an option, it will not be activated. If it will not deactivate when manually setting the cycle, call 800 4 MY HOME for a technician to determine the cause of the malfunction.

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      Thanks! It does not deactivate so I will call as you suggest.

  2. Hello mfroning. On many of the dishwasher models that have the Turbo Zone feature, that option must be selected when you set up your cycle. Check your owner's manual for instructions on selecting cycles and options if necessary. If you have not selected that option and the Turbo Zone feature is spraying constantly, then you could have a problem with the switching component in that system. A service technician will normally need to diagnose and repair that type of failure. You can schedule service by calling Sears at 1-800-469-4663 (1-800-4MY-HOME).

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      Is is activated constantly, so I will call as you suggest. Thank you!

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