how do i use my employee discount online?

i work at sears and i am trying to purchase online and want to use my employee discount


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  1. 1. Login at
    2. Left-hand side of screen hover mouse over your name i.e. Hi John
    3. Select My Profile
    4. Click About Me tab
    5. Scroll down, lower left-hand side of screen to heading SHC Associate Number and enter the number displayed on your discount card (not your employee number on badge)
    6. Click Save and you’re done!

  2. Hi Stephgirl2184! I'd be glad to help you! To do this you would need to be signed into your profile (Sears / Kmart) when making the purchase. Your discount card number should be entered into the website. When making the purchase it would automatically be deducted from the total amount. For it to go through properly you would need to use either a Sears Card, or Sears Gift Card. For information on adding your employee discount card number to your account please read below:

    1.Click sign in at the top right corner of the page
    2.Log in
    3.Click My Profile at top right corner of page
    4.Place cursor over About Me tab
    5.Click on Clubs beneath the About Me tab
    6.Enter employee discount card number under the Sears Holdings box
    7.Click Save

    Once this information has been entered you can now place an order using your employee discount! If you have any problems after doing this, please just reply to this thread for additional help! Happy Shopping! :-)

    1. In response to SHC-RyanO

      Ryan, every time I try to add my employee #, the following appears:

      The Associate Number you entered is invalid. Please try again.

      I know that I am adding my correct employee # because I have used it to purchase online items in the past.

      Any suggestions?

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      Hi CynMcG,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties in adding your employee discount information.

      These may sound a little silly, but they are common errors that can be made and area's for you to double check to help in resolving this issue.

      1. Please make sure that you are adding your discount number and not your employee number for these are 2 different numbers.( I know you mentioned you had, just double checking this option)

      2. Just to double check, are you adding it to where it says "SHC Associate Number"? (When I first put mine in, I had accidentally tried putting it under "YOUR SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS" at first, was in a hurry)

      3. Sign out, and try refreshing your page, clean cache, for sometimes it just does not want to let go of what you had previously applied.

      Please keep us posted on whether these options had helped in resolving the issue, if not, please let us know and we can check for further options.

      Thank you!

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      Thank you, the # on my employee card worked! I don't know why I thought it was my employee #......anyways I'm in, thanks!

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      do u have to use a sears card to pay to get the discount? or can you use a visa card?

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      Hi snakeandgames!

      To receive your discount you will need to use your sears card, gift card or debit card.

      Let us know if you have any further questions!

      Thank you!

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      purchase a gift card for whatever the price of the item will be with your discount and with tax and e-mail it to yourself. It's best to use an e-mail account other than the one associated with your account otherwise the purchase will get flagged by Sears Online security and you'll have to talk to them on the phone so they process your order. The e-gift cards are supposed to arrive within an hour, but last time I purchased one, it took 3 hours to arrive and I couldn't pick up my order because it was after 6pm on a Sunday and the store closed at 5. I had to work the next day so it didn't really matter because I didn't need the item right away and was going there anyway but it was still a pain waiting for the sale to go thru.

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      So, I am a new hire at the company. I am not sure if the Associate Discount card has been sent out or not. I did not receive anything by post yet. So my concern is that till then I will not be able to use my card right? I have been here less than a month, so I am not able to reissue the card in the MPI page as well. If someone could direct me to possible helpline number or if I need to apply to card manually, please let me know.


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      Hi AvinashKautham! Congratulations on your new position. Head over to That is the HR site. You can connect with an HR representative over there, or give a call at 1-888-88sears


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      Can I remove my associate discount so that I can use an online discount code that is a better deal?

    10. In response to SHC-RyanO

      Hi jmware3,

      Please read through our Associate Discount Policy to make sure you are within specifics on eligibility when it comes to Coupons etc.

      Hope this helps!