How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Do you host or go to a family member’s house? Do you do it up with china and cloth napkins, or use paper products? Potluck or does one person do the majority of the cooking.

Share your Thanksgiving traditions with us!


1 answer

  1. My family traded off each year when we all lived in the same state. When I hosted I would make the main dishes like the turkey, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes and gravy. The rest of the family would then bring their favorite dish and or desserts.

    When I did host I would also break out my good china and the kids would eat off of our everyday plate sets.

    One of our new traditions ( for the past 6 years) since it is hard to get the family together these days, is to alternate what we are going to be cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. This year our Thanksgiving dinner will be finger foods, so no cooking on this day and will be shared with my sister in law and her side of the family. We did have a dinner planned, but found out most of the kids will be gone during this time, so we decided to have a nice relaxing day filled with great classic movies!

    What about you Julie?

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