How do you change your user name? Edit porfile send me to Sears and I still can’t edit the user name on here?


2 answers

  1. Are you talking about your screen name/user name? You can't. Someone from SHC has to do it for you. JulieK will ask for a couple of names that you would like to use and if they aren't taken she will change it for you. Check back on Monday.

  2. Hi scotty86111,

    When changing your profile you are able to do so by either signing into or the MySears Community.

    To do so, sign in, make changes to where your name is located, and click on submit. Sign out, refresh page and user name should show new name at the top of page right after sign in.

    Please let us know if you are still having issues for we may have to change it on our end.

    Thank you!

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