How do you clean the upper oven in a dual oven electric Kenmore Elite range?

The self clean cycle only cleans the bottom range


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  1. The 790. is the beginning of the model number. If the upper oven is a continuous clean oven liner then then important thing to remember is to not use any over cleaner or it will hurt the finish. Please reply with a complete model number for further assistance.

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      790.98023801 - the instr. manual only refers to the self-clean cycle on the "bottom" oven cavity - but can I "infer" that it also applies to the TOP oven cavity? The model has all the bells and whistles but the manual is not very clear - it should indicate "either/or" top or bottom oven. Let me know if you concur - Thanks

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      One more question - aside from the "self cleaning of the top oven" - how should the rack and rack holders be cleaned as the manual indicates that they should NOT be left in during the self clean cycle - again for the TOP oven only.

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      I understand your concern about the top oven and if it also has the self-clean feature. Yes, this model shows that both top and bottom ovens have this feature. To clean the top oven, when setting the clean cycle, press upper oven and follow the procedure listed in the owner's manual regarding the setting and also pertaining to what needs to be removed from the upper oven before cleaning. I hope this will help you.

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      Hi Fred - this is an update - I made the assumption that the upper oven clean cycle is the same as the lower oven but you just use the "upper" oven button which I did and it is working. Instructions in the manual should be clearer.

      The question I have now is HOW to clean the Upper Oven rack and side rack holders as the manual does say to take them OUT during the clean cycle - but, I cannot find any instructions on HOW to clean them - let me know. Thanks....

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      Use a mild, abrasive cleaner like Bar Keepers Friend, following manufacturer's instructions. Rinse with clean water and dry. After cleaning the racks, rub the sides of the racks with wax paper or a cloth containing a small amount of baby oil or salad oil (this will make the racks glide easier into the rack positions). If the racks were left in during the clean cycle and have been tarnished, they cannot be cleaned. In this case, the racks would need to be replaced. The owner's manual does include information about removing the racks in the upper oven. I'm listing the information from page 31 here (Remove the meat probe, searing grill, broiler pan and broiler pan insert, all ustensils and any aluminum foil. Remove the
      oven racks and oven rack supports from the upper oven. These items cannot withstand high cleaning temperatures). I hope this will help you.

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      Scott thanks for the reply - I did remove the upper oven rack and oven rack supports before cleaning so I am all set with them - I will now work on cleaning them based on your reply above.

  2. Hi there, Glopeter! Welcome to MySears! The Appliance Expert should be able to let you know how to clean your oven properly. If you could also post the model number, this will ensure that he accurately answers for your specific oven.

    The Expert will be by in a bit with a reply. I will send you an email alerting you once he posts.


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      Model 790 - is that sufficient

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