How do you make your coffee in the morning?

I have been using a french press for years, and really enjoy the boldness of the coffee I am able to make. BUT, it is somewhat time consuming and I am considering purchasing a Keurig, which seems to be just about the easiest way to make coffee these days.

Does anyone out there have a Keurig coffee maker? Would love to hear your likes and dislikes on this machine.



2 answers

  1. Hi Julie! Keurig makes super coffee, imagine choosing from dozens of flavor cups...hazelnut one morning, maple sleigh ride or blueberry the next. The key is finding a place that offers the Kcups individually at reasonable prices, although I also have a box of Hurricane on the counter, my personal favorite. I don't know anyone that doesn't love their Keurig!

    1. In response to madgolfer

      I am so into the idea of the different flavors along with the fact that my kids can make hot chocolate by themselves. Which has become a necessity this Winter!

      Thanks for sharing your feedback. I am leaning toward getting one, that is for sure.