How do you make your coffee?

As I was brewing my coffee this morning in my old french press, I was wondering, how do our members make their coffee? Do you use a basic coffee maker? A french press? Instant? Maybe one of those newer Keurig style coffee makers?  Buy coffee at your local coffee shop?

Let us know!


3 answers

  1. We too have a 12 cup coffee maker and use it on a daily basis and have just currently switched to coffee beans as well as purchasing Black and Decker grinder.

    What a big difference in the taste. I would not have even tried this route until I had tasted the difference at my sisters when we were on vacation.

  2. My roommate got a keurig for christmas. I occasionally use it to make tea. I will drink coffee if it is already made, but making it myself requires too much effort for me.

  3. We own a Kenmore 12 cup coffee maker (purchased at Kmart!) and make a full pot of coffee for the day most weekdays in our household. On the weekends, we like to break out the french press for just a cup or two of coffee to enjoy with breakfast. Funny, the habits we create! We buy whole bean coffee from a local roaster. I sometimes wish for a Keurig. but don't have one right now.

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