How do you organize your garage or even indoors? Do you have specific storage that you use?

What do you find that helps in storing all your tools, or household items?

I am currently looking for systems to help with an outside storage as well as indoors for I live in an apartment. Sad to say, I just throw everything into totes and stack them on top of each other. This is not a good system for me, for I am continuously moving them to find what I need.

Is there a system that is easy to assemble and disassembled that is pretty sturdy and is decent to the eye?

I look forward to hearing what type of organizational system you use!


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      • San Jose, CA

    I find a good technique to maximize one's storage space, either inside or outside is to get more out of the square footage one has available.

    Basically, store stuff "upwards".

    Free standing shelf units, wall-locker sized cabinets, and tool storage in roll cabinets, top chests, and intermediate chests are excellent ways to go.

    I've also made extensive use of hooks and nails to organize stick tools, beyond the "pile them in a corner" style of storage that a good number of folks seem to use.

    I've even got hooks hanging from the rafters of our storage shed, holding long items like pole pruners and the roof rake.

    The tool tray on the back of my workbench is four feet tall. Sort of equivalent to a "deep" work bench back wall.

    Onward! Ever higher.

    Wall mounted shelves for books, magazines and catalogs is also a good use of one's vertical wall space.

    1. Thank you Adam!

      I have not used any hooks yet, and in looking in my storage I see a great spot to put them. I am tried of tripping over the lawn tools and having them topple over every time I need to get something out.

      I appreciate you taking the time to share on how you organize ;)

  1. We have lots of shelving units and bookcases we bought at garage sales. All pretty inexpensive stuff, but good for keeping our gardening tools and beach stuff organized.

    We also have a little storage unit for rakes, brooms and other long handled garden tools.

    This does not mean our garage is all that organized! I am always peeking into friend's garages to see what they have. We don't have much hanging on the walls-that seems to be a good option, too.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      The garage sales is exactly what I need to start hitting on my days off!

      This is something that we had use to do a few years ago and since then stopped doing.

      I think a few hooks, stacking a few roller cabinets as Adam recommended and a few more book shelves may do the trick for the smaller stuff.

      Hmmm... I think I might also start peeking into friends garages and closet's to see how they do theirs. LOL

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