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  1. Hi llwallace9,
    On your top mounted freezer , the fan called the evaporator fan mounted behined the freezer wall is what moves the air into the botton refrigerator section. The temperature inside of the refrigerator section is controlled by a temperature device called a thermistor. Also there is a damper between the freezer and the refrigerator sections to block the cold air from entering the refrigerator, if cold air is not needed. If there is ice on the rear wall of the freezer section which would indicate a fault inside the rear wall of the freezer, I would recommend you call 1-888-266-6317 to have a technician out to repair the refrogerator.

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      Thank you Sir. Is it a matter of simple removing the ice on the rear wall of the frezzer?

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      Sorry, no the ice on the rear wall indicates a lack of air circulation and/or a lack of defrosting of the coil at is located behind the rear wall. The problems could be caused by a thermistor, defrost controller, defrost heater and the defrost heater. In addition to the fan motor being faulty and/or the control board. The refrigerator should be checked by a technician for the best results. I would recommend you call 1-888-266-6317 for service.

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      Google the problem- 100s of complaints (me included) Ice build up between walls in Kenmore 795-7130 within first year- tech defrosted interior freezer wall and said it was the freezer basket-replaced it-- within 6 mos iced over again- called techs- outside warranty- Sears will not replace despite 100s of the same complaint and the exact problem techs never fixed while under warranty. This needs a recall- I am out $1500- JUNK. Today I went to Sears and the floor model had ice build-up!!! I showed the manager. Always been a Sears faithful- 40 years of appliances- never again- they no longer stand behind their product. Defective design by LG.

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