How do you replace the sheer pin on a Craftsman 7.75hp snow thrower.?The diagram in the book does not tell you much.


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    You may want to invest in a small alignment tool and a few pin punches, along with a 12 or 16 ounce head ball-pein hammer to aid in the removal of any of the shear pin left in the inside of the machine's auger bit shaft.

    Sears sells lifetime warranted Craftsman brandname versions of the previously mentioned tools.

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  1. Without a model number I can only generalize.
    Turn the impeller until the sheer pin that is not broken is horizontal then turn the auger that has the broken sheer pin until it's sheer pin holes are also horizontal, remove any pieces of the broken shear pin that are still in the auger. With slight movement of the auger, horizontally and rotationally you should be able to see the remains of the broken shear pin in the auger shaft. Line up the holes in the auger with the remains of the pin in the shaft and you should be able to just tap the remains of the sheer pin out. Then insert a new sheer pin and tighten it.
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