How do you take care your customer when you suddenly announced to close all your portait studio?

We shot photos in your portrait studio in alderwood mall (WA)a couple of days before this bad announcement, since then no one cares where our photo orders are… How could Sears survive like this? I would say no to Sears. I have called and got to the Sears to talk with managers, no one knew what is going on. There is absolutely no contigency plan whatsoever. If Sears do not care about their customers, no one will care about you…


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  1. Okay Sears Can you please respond to us???

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      It is obvious Sears isn't listening or cares that we all lost money and did not receive what was promised. Do you even read these posts from your upset customers Sears? Apparently NOT!!! Maybe we need to go onto Twitter/Facebook or some other place where people will listen and you will lose customers and share the same fate as the portrait studio. Then maybe you will listen to your upset customers and do something!!! Very disappointing Sears!!!

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      After all the efforts I have been gone through, I do not think Sears care whatsoever. I went to the local store on the past Sat since they told me a week ago that they would get the last shippment of the photos during the past week. Nothing there. Then they told me that they will get the last shippment this week. Do you think they know what they are doing and what is happening in their store. Absolutely not. I will file complain to the whatever government office(s) who may have jurisdiction over this issue. Bottome line is that SEARS does not care, we need let the world know that.

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      I have filed complaint with the Washington State Attorney General office. I strongly encourage everyone here do the same thing.

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    Didn't I read about CPI make the closing announcement?

    Sears seems to be attempting to cope with the customer let downs of CPI provided service, by creating miniature store-centric photo processing functions.

    I think THIS is one reason the management gets paid the BIG Retail Sales bucks.

    Flexibility and redundancy is a sears strength.

    1. Funny, because Sears employees haven't even been given a script about how to deal with photo customers, other than "call back". The management at Sears doesn't even really know what is going on. They can't even tell if an order has been printed. If they are printing, there has to be a queue list, someone has to know what has and hasn't been printed. Nope, all Sears can tell you is if a UPS delivery dropped off your photos.

      Even the Sears rep here isn't saying the "photos will arrive given time". That is frightening.

      I need to know whether I need to go out and get another studio session done elsewhere.

  2. Bottom line is the name is "Sears" portrait studio and they should take care of their customers. I was told 2 weeks ago my photos would arrive by the 18th. Why are they lying to their customers. They need to send a lawyer to CPI and get some answers. Personally if I don't get help I will never walk through the Sears doors again. They need to figure this out before they lose all their customers! Maybe that will open their eyes!!!

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      I am with you - never shop at Sears after this. I walked to Sears this Sat. They told me my photos will get there by the next Wed (April 24). A Sears employee even did not know the Sears Portait Studio upstairs was closed, how suprised! What a bad managed store! I do not have Facebook or Twitter (and do not plan to get one). But if someone in here has an account, I would suggest letting the whole world know this - That might move Sears a bit.

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      I agree. Sears Can You Hear US!!!!! Take care of your customers or you will no longer have customers!!!!!!

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    Is anyone mad at CPI Corp, the VENDOR supplying all the store services for the US based Portrait studios?

    The store management mainly deals with Store controlled matters.

    The Portrait studio is run by an outside Vendor.

    Things are messy right now. But, sears seems to be attempting to pick up the pieces of the abandoned Photo Studios.

    1. You must work for Sears or no someone that does. That is the only reason for this message!!!

  3. Update we received:

    Orders are being processed and will be delivered to your local store within the week. Please continue to check with local store’s manager for further details.

    Thank you!

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      What about the orders that were lost in the studio. My cd is lost. Bottom line I need a new cd!!!! No one has contacted me or told me what is going on. All I hear is "I don't know, we don't know anything, I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry. What I want to hear is we have your cd come and pick it UP! I gave my session number to the assistant manager and the date. So why can't anyone communicate!!!

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      That's a pretty bold statement to make being they are already REALLY LATE! And does with in the week mean this week, or within the next 7 days? Seems to me you really didn't help us! And you really need to train your managers to be nicer to customers like us who paid for a product that we were promised and isn't here, because that's bull!!!!

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      I have been told that over and over. Finally an employee told me that they don't know. How on earth can you allow this to happen to your customers. I have always been a sears fan but with this the name "Sears" makes me ill. The lack of help and compassion from the management staff and customer care is not acceptable!!! They keep repeating the same line. Your pictures on on their way and keep in touch with management. Well when I call management they are very rude. Sears needs to step up and handle IT!

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      At least there is an update from SEARS. I spoke with my local Sears managers (3 management peoples) in this Tuesday. One of them told me tha last shippment of prints will arrive in their store by April 18. That is the last. I asked him what about if my orders were not in this last shippment. He said he did not know, no contigency plan. I left a store manager's voice mail before I came in, because they did not return the call... These print order is abosolutely our family's last purchase from SEARS. SEARS OWN THEIR CUSTOMERS AN APOLOGY AND A PLAN TO CARRY THIS PRINT ORDERING TO A FINISH LINE.

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      I just called Sears and they said you are LYING!!!!!!! So who is right?!?!?!

  4. I had my kids pictures taken and purchased a cd. I left without the cd so the girl (who I knew) would have time to fix it. I did not rush back because I new the employees and had a death in my family. I tried a few times but always went to the studio when it was closed. Very frustrating. Now my cd is lost and I have no pictures. I had not even ordered my free 10 prints yet. I found my session number but not all the pictures are showing online because I had to go back a second time to retake pictures of my little girl.

    I contacted Sears and they just don't care. The assistant manager that is "helping" me acts like I am bothering him every time I call. They say I should order what pictures are shown online but the cost is ridiculous, especially since I already paid the cd price. He told my husband today, "I told you wife I will call her when I know something". Originally he told me 3 days and that was 8 days ago.

    This whole thing makes me ill.

    So what am I to do. I feel sick. Sears should be ordering the pictures for us online and Sears should be paying for the cost of replacement.

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      Yes. Sears should take responsibility. My ordered prints, as of today, were late for 6 days. After so many calls, some of them were taken by real persons and told me basically they have no clue whatsoever, and the others were just voice mail and no return calls (to me), I went to the local Sears store, where we took our pictures. Same thing, no one knows what is going on, no any contigency plan at all. I would think there are so many people affected by this, WHAT ON EARTH ARE SEARS THINKING? - they think they could get away from this? No way......

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      You are right Sears just doesn't care. This studio, whether they owned it or not, has their name. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS SEARS! I am sick and tired of hearing the rude assistant manager's voice making me feel stupid. I paid for my cd and I have nothing. They suggest we order from a site and spend more money AND we don't even know if there is anyone that will actually print the pictures and send them out. I was told by an exemployee that the lab was completely shut down and no more orders were being completed. We have been given no help, no answers nothing!!!!

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      Are not know what sears are thinking.

      It should have told the vendor to KEEP WORKING until your order was processed and THEN to close down nationwide.

      They is can do more better with these!

  5. Hi 1timedeal! Thanks so much for posting your feedback today. We, too, are disappointed CPI Corp, Sears Portrait Studios operator, closed all their U.S. stores.

    Good news, though! If you have a current order, or has had a recent portrait studio session, you can order portraits online at through 4/18/13

    Hope that helps!

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      Hi, we do not have the receipt that shows the studio number but I do have the studio session number is it possible for you to let me know what the studio number is for the sears in Pasadena Town Square in Pasadena TX?

      Thanks for the help

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      No. It is not good news for us at all. We have paid and ordered prints, which who knows they will come or not. Now you are asking me to pay them again by placing another order online (besides the money, who is going to pay my time and my family's time)? Even though Sears tried to separate itself from this Portrait Studio operator, We, as customers, only know they are a part of Sears. I bet Sears know this closing for long, but decided not to tell public and the employees, and the worst part, Sears have never thought about how to take care their customers and setup a contigency plan. Very bad customer service, which will not help Sears go long...

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      I am having the same issue. It's not that we NEED to order pictures...we already paid for them. But no one cares that we haven't received them yet, that is why we are complaining!!!! And no one at Sears will help me! I want my pictures that I paid for.

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      Yes I can see them online, but I am not ordering them again, because if I didn't get the FIRST ones I paid for, why in the world would I pay for them again!! I just want SOMEONE to say, yes, they are one there way!! Today will be 5 days late if they aren't here!

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      First of all, get your attitude right, Sears. Treat your customers right, not like this - try to hide and think you will get away from this.

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      I see they took they took their responses back!! Man they are NOT very good customer care are they!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!