How long should a customer wait for new fitness equipment to be repaired?

Just wondering what an acceptable amount of time is in your opinion


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      • San Jose, CA

    Mmm... That's a difficult one. I'd say about 1 to 3 weeks.

    There's no food spoiling.

    Clothes and dishes are still getting cleaned.

    Food is being cooked.

    And, the garage door is working, with all the tools inside being protected from theft.

    Do you own a real bicycle?

    Nordic Track is based in Utah, with service representatives sprinkled about the US, which is way better than a company based "over-seas".

    Good luck with your equipment repair.

  1. Hi NTF, if you assembled the equipment then the service is between you and Nordictrack, in my opinion a few days would be reasonable. If Sears delivered and assembled the equipment then a new replacement should be scheduled before the delivery team left the premises. Sears is Nordictracks exclusive retailer but does not repair or maintain the products, nordictrack has their own service called UTS which was included with your owners manual, good luck.

  2. Next business day from a 'sloppy' company. Same day if call is in before noon from a 'good' company and following day, except perhaps recognized major holidays (Christmas Thanksgiving)if call made after noon.
    That, of course assumes that the attending technician has the skills and/or the parts to fix it 'on the spot'.
    Example of what I consider 'good' customer service. Last fall we ordered a new dinning room suite from a local furniture/appliance store. Told six to eight weeks to wait for delivery, no problem, the stuff had to be made, small deposit put down. Four+ weeks later we get a telephone call 'its in' delivery time set up. 'Afternoon' specified as delivery time, no problem for us we are both well into 'retirement'. We get a 'check up' call approx half an hour before delivery just to 'confirm'. No problem with delivery except that two of the chairs have hard seats instead of the upholstered seats we have ordered. Complaint noted by delivery people. Following day we get a call from company, very apologetic, our chairs have been located 'can they deliver the following day', a Saturday, we agree. Correct chairs are delivered without incident.
    In between times the eagle eyed Chief Financial Officer had noted a blemish, only visible when viewed from a specific direction with sunlight, or very bright artificial light, in the finish on one of the originally delivered chairs. This pointed out to delivery people and duly noted. On the Monday we get a call from the company to set up a time for the 'Service Manager' to visit a few days later, no problem. Two days later we get a call from the 'Service Manager', he is in our area, we live in a rural area, could he call in shortly, again no problem. he arrives agrees with the defect, a new chair will have to be ordered, are we OK with that? No problem the blemish is barely visible, six to eight weeks quoted for delivery, OK we have the number of chairs we ordered just one has a very slight defect. I think it was about five weeks before the replacement chair 'came in'. We get a call 'can it be delivered tomorrow', another Saturday. Delivery duly made.
    That I call customer service!!

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