How long should it take to get a refund on a cancelled online purchase? I am at 14 business days and counting. Last time I called a supervisor they told me it was being processed by the “back office”. I would get a status email. Not yet. THis is ridiculous. I did go into a store and make the purchase after realizing how ineffective online purchasing is with Sears. I don’t have 2K just lying around, who does at Xmas? Thanks Sears online for the inconvenience.

Order #: 437351807 for what it is worth.


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  1. Rmarti86 – Our apologies for the delay you are experiencing with receiving your refund. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to follow up with you to learn the details of this matter to help solve this problem. Please send us an email containing your preferred contact information, including the phone number used at the time of purchase, to Please include your MySears screen name (Rmarti86) so we may expedite your request. We look forward to assisting you! Thank you - Zenaida, MySears Community Moderator.

  2. The following Government website might prove to have some useful information:

  3. Hi Rmarti86! Welcome to MySears! We can have a SearsCares team member will be happy to check on your refund for you. Check back on this thread shortly for a reply.

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