How long should your Maytag Jet clean quiet plus dishwasher last? Ours has quit cleaning after just five years and we’ve cleaned all the parts according to the manuals,checked for water pressure, water temperature. Appliances USED to last ten years or more! Especially for the prices we pay. Would love a reply. We’ve always purchased Sears appliances(50+ years) and now not sure if we’ll ever buy another Sears product again..


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  1. There is no real answer to this kind of question. It's like asking, how long should a car last, or how long should a person live? As with everything, there is a bell curve involved. A small number fail within the first few years, a small number fail many years later, and the vast majority fail somewhere in between.

    I must wonder, does Sears influence the performance of a Maytag dishwasher any more than any other retailer who sells Maytag dishwashers does?

  2. This is a difficult question to answer. As a technician I usually only see appliances when they are broken but I agee with you 5 years is a little soon to experince problems with your dishwasher. There are many variables to consider when determining how long a dishwasher will last before trouble starts. The amount of use the dishwasher recieves is one factor. 5 years of use by a couple would not be the same as 5 years of use by a family of four. A location with Hard Water might expereience more water valve failures than a dishwasher in an area with a good water supply. I'm not clear from the description you give what the problem is when you say the dishwasher has "quit cleaning." Over time a water valve screen can become clogged with sediment from the water and cause less water to fill the tub. Less water usually means poor cleaning. Problems with a water valve are rare but not unusual with a 5 year old dishwasher and are not considered major repairs. A motor failure would be very unusual after only 5 years but it can happen. Keep in mind also that Sears sells products produced by various manufacturers and makes every attempt to track failures to prevent wide spread problems. As you have shown it doesn't matter who makes the product, Sears takes the hit when it fails so Sears makes every effort to track product failures and take steps to correct the problem so people like you will have a better experience in the future. I would expect most dishwasher to last at lest 10 years with no major problems. Most would last longer but I know that doesn't help when your particular dishwasher is not working. If you can provide more information we would be able to suggest do-it-yourself fixes for small problems that can cause big cleaning problems. I hope this answers your question.

  3. Hi Bobmaddie1,

    We understand your frustration in the life expectancy of your dishwasher. It looks like you have tried a few trouble shooting options to get it working again.

    I have escalated your concerns to one of our Sears Appliance Experts. Hopefully they can help with other trouble shooting options to try also.

    Please check back periodically to this thread for a reply from on our Experts.

    Thank you!