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      • San Jose, CA

    You can check the shipping availability of the 299 piece, Ez Read socket set on, using your area's ZIP code to verify how quickly the set can be mailed to you.

    The set appears to be on sale, right now, with a free shipping offer mentioned, too.

    There is no "Store Pickup" option on the website. So. Don't look this set in the stores. Evidently, they don't carry this Internet Only item.

    Happy ordering.

    Don't forget to pick up some Craftsman Break-Loose-Bars, to extend the working life of your ratchets.

    Break Loose Bars ARE available for purchase in the socket product carrying sears stores.

  1. Hi, Colonel_krinkle. I am viewing the item number in stock on now. Can you please confirm this is the product you are searching for?

    Please click here to view product.

    Please reply if you are interested in a different product and I will be happy to help you further.