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  1. I looked up the model number you submitted. This is a 2007 model that sold for $1499.00 on sale. I looked on Craig's list for similar tractors. Most of them are priced right around $600.00. I recommend checking the classifieds in your area to see what used tractors are listed for. If you are selling the tractor you can always price it higher than what you want and see if you get any offers. If you do not get any after a week, you can lower the price. It is hard for us to put a price on used products without seeing them. In the end, the condition of the tractor will determine what it is worth. So spending a little time cleaning it up will pay off. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

  2. Hi Diaper6, that's a nice Craftsman model. If its running well an asking price would be a thousand dollars, a bid would be closer to 500. The current similar Craftsman model 28851 sells around $1450. Grass bag attachments and a Sears Protection Agreement would increase the value even more, hope this helps.
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