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  1. Hi skyesweet,
    The proble is that the hi wheel trimmer has been motored by a few engine manufactures and I will need the model of the trimmer to look at the engine technical sheet for the motor on your trimmer. Please reply back to this thread with the needed information.

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      Hi skyesweet,
      Thank you for posting the model number. The engine that should be on the trimmer should be model 143985012. If that is the correct model number, the head bolts should be torqued to 220 inch pounds. Tighten the bolts in 50 inch pound increments. Let me know if you need further assistance. Mark

  2. Hi skyesweet! Welcome to MySears! I think one of the Lawn and Garden Experts can help to figure out how much torgue you need. Check back in a bit for an answer!


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      I was wondering this too.

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