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  1. Hello vulcan-ears. JulieK is correct. You should normally replace the refrigerator water filter at least every 6 months. You may need to replace it sooner if you use a large amount of water daily. If you see any decrease in the flow rate coming out of the dispenser (or see smaller ice cubes) then it is probably time to replace that filter. Some refrigerators have a reminder feature on the dispenser when it is time to replace the filter. Check your owner's manual for information about that function. If you need more help, let us know.

  2. Welcome, vulcan-ears! Thanks for your question today. Industry standards suggest changing your water filter every 6 months. You may want to check your owner's manual to be sure that is the correct time span for your exact model fridge.

    Don't have your manual? You can visit to download most appliance manuals, if you need.

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