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how to raise mover deck on riding lawn mover

i want to raise it higher than the factory setting. it is too low in its highest setting,


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  1. On the old board (lost now because Sears did not like many of the posts) there was a thread about some lawn tractors having the adjustment lever working only one side. Apparently on those models there was a way to install another adjustment kit on the opposite side of the deck, and that would allow a higher deck setting.

    This is from memory, perhaps someone else here could fill in the information.

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      BigMike - Should my memory serve me correctly that question came up more than once on the 'old' site but, like you I cannot remember the details. As I recollect it, and I may well be in error, a poster by the name of madgolfer, a Sears Associate, knew the solution.

  2. If you have your Model # you can go to:
    and download an owner's manual. In there will be instructions on how to adjust deck height and levelness. You can adjust as high or as low as the adjustments will allow.

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      JC53 - The poster could also go to: and click on 'Manuals' at the top of the page and then put in the model number and get the manual in pdf

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      In response to JC53

      I have the manual and had adjusted as high as it could go but that way is not a real height increase.
      Can I put 20x 9.5-8 tires in place of the 18x9.5-8 that is on model. # 917.289283?