How was your Christmas?

Did you have a great time with family and friends?

Did you receive any special gifts this year you can share with us?


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      • San Jose, CA

    The family had a nice quiet Christmas, with a friend attending. Gifts were shared, including this year's new Craftsman Tool Ornaments hanging or still boxes around the Tool Tree.

    There were power tools and hand tools, that were new and used.

    There were noisy tools, like my daughter's new C3 battery powered Shop Vac and sharp tools, like a dual-bladed Craftsman knife.

    We even had some melodic tools in the form of some weather radios, including a C3 battery powered Craftsman radio for my wife.

    The dogs enjoyed opening their presents. But, I guess they have reached that age where they are "too old" to play with the toys inside the packages.

    Fortunately, none of the rest of us have "reached that age".

    I've got a survival axe/ pick thingy, whose handle is rated to withstand 20,000 volts! What should we "chop" with it? The tree is artificial...

    I got a California Raisin character to add to my collection of "action figures".

    What's this? It does not seem to have the "heft" of a tool.

    A great holiday.

    1. That sounds pretty great, Adam! Glad you had a nice holiday with your family!

  1. My Christmas was wonderful! For the first time I was able to be with my godchildren on Christmas and got to play Santa Clause! It was wonderful seeing the shock on their faces when they woke up.

    We did have terrible weather in my area though. A rather large tornado that had not touched down yet passed over my neighborhood. After it passed over me it touched down and did a lot of damage in our city.

    How was your Christmas?

    1. In response to searsgirl1

      So nice to see you here, searsgirl! I saw some coverage of that storm on the news yesterday morning. It looked devastating. Do you get many tornadoes, usually?

      I had an amazing Christmas Day. After present opening, we all just hung out and did absolutely NOTHING until dinner. Unless you count watching "The Christmas Story" as a family.

      It was the best.

  2. Super time here, especially when our son surprised us with a very generous job offer he accepted from Big Blue starting when he graduates in May. Merry Christmas all!

    1. In response to madgolfer

      When you say Big Blue, do you mean the Giants, madgolfer? Actually, with this job market, ANY job offer is a celebration!

    2. In response to madgolfer

      LOL how times change, IBM is the original Big Blue and also Vermonts largest employer( I didn't know that)

    3. In response to madgolfer

      I am pleased for you and your son.
      Any job offer is 'great' (for once I even agree with Julie) even when you have no intention of taking it.

    4. In response to madgolfer

      And the nest is empty Cha Cha Cha !

    5. In response to madgolfer

      Ha! Well, IBM would be a pretty great place to work, too! They have a big hub in the Chicago area, as well.

      Good luck to him! Very exciting time.

  3. I got to see one of my friends I have not seen in like a year and a half. So that part was great. Weather and work today prevented me from seeing more family.
    My one cousin I exchange gifts with got me all 8 Harry Potter movies! And I got money and gift cards towards my new laptop as my current one has decided it wants to crash often. I'm getting an acer chromebook. All I do is internet so it will work with my needs and it's like $200.

    1. In response to filmdork

      What a great time, filmdork! WOW on the Harry Potter movies! You will treasure those and watch them for years to come, for sure.

    2. In response to filmdork

      Before you spend too much money on a basic laptop, try a couple of tricks. Get a can of compressed air, and blow the dust out of every slot and hole in the current laptop. Overheating can cause crashes and dust buildup causes overheating.

      Another option is to save anything that you want to keep on a USB stick, and wipe the computer, reinstalling the operating system in a clean install

    3. In response to filmdork

      It's a 10 or so year old computer that my sister-in-law rebuilt for me. She told me when she gave it to me it would probably last 6 mts. It's lasted over a year. She's a programmer. Trying to fix the problems at this point would probably cost more money than the new one as it is running on XP. I have already had to replace the power cord and because it is so old it was about $50 for that alone. But I may try the canned air until I get a new one. Thanks for the tip!