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  1. Get a less expensive dryer and use a spray mist bottle. Lightly spray the item and put the dryer on wrinkle release or whatever setting there is on the dryer. No need for steam the mist from the bottle does the same thing. There are several scented products that are sold for this purpose, look in the detergent isle of the grocery store. Or just a mist spray bottle with water works.

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      People don't buy steam dryers because of NEED. People don't technically NEED a washing machine, either. A bucket and a washboard will do the job. People buy washers, steam dryers, and other such appliances because they do a task in a way that they prefer. It's about convenience and preference. It's not up to any of us to tell somebody that they should or shouldn't purchase something because we personally prefer things another way. The customer's wallet is not our own. If someone wants to buy a GE Cafe range, who are you, or I, or anybody to tell them not to make that purchase because they can get a $400 gas range that will cook just as well, and they should be happy with that? Who am I to tell someone not to buy a $50,000 car because I'm satisfied driving a $15,000 car and they should be, too? If something fits a customer's wants and needs, that's what they should purchase. It's not up to me or anybody other than the customer to decide how they will spend their money. As long as they're not putting themselves or others in danger, their buying decisions are theirs to make, not ours. I think we'd all do well to remember that.

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      BCGIMA - I have voted your post critizising Service Locally's post as 'unhelpful'. I agree it is not up to any of us to 'tell' a poster what to do; we can, and do, offer suggestions and opinions, and as I see it, ServiceLocally was just offering an opinion, on a less expensive possible option. I happen to agree with him. In my opinion the 'steam feature' is just something else to go wrong, but should the client wish for it by all means sell it to them.

  2. Steam dryers will dry clothes the same way non-steam dryers do. The added feature of steam means you will have the option of eliminating wrinkles from clothes taken from the closet, and removing odors from clothes that are lightly worn (such as going out to dinner and having clothes that smell like the restaurant). It reduces the need for ironing and laundering/dry cleaning. They are becoming more and more popular for these added conveniences.

  3. I have used a steam dryer for about 1 1/2 years. It works well in my opinion. It will remove wrinkles and will freshen up garments when needed.

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