I am a long time Sears customer who is sadly just about done with your organization. My current experience is a new low in customer service. 3 years ago I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator, Model number 795.78546.804, Serial number 904KR00436. 4 weeks ago, the unit failed. Cooling and freezing both went out. Several hundred dollars of food spoiled while I fought with Sears service for 5 days before a technician came and replaced a faulty valve under the sealed system warranty. This Saturday, the unit began to fail again. First the ice maker quit and now slowly the unit is losing cooling and freezing. In the face of again loosing a refrigerator/freezer full of food, in a 3 year old refrigerator, repaired only 4 weeks prior, I was told by service that it would be 13 days until a technician could be dispatched! That is is remarkable new low in customer service for me. Sears should be ashamed of this level of disregard for a customer who purchased a major appliance. Right now I am facing hiring and paying a non-Sears service organization to perform warranty repairs on a faulty Sears product. If I do not receive any response fro Sears, I plan on billing Sears for this service. (I can’t go 13 days without a refrigerator) as well as the cost of two units full of spoiled food. In the absence of any response, I will have bought my last appliance from Sears and I will use all my social networking and review platform exposure to urge others to do the same. It simply is not worth the risk to be left with a defective unit like a refrigerator/freezer and virtually NO SUPPORT. Please advise if there is ANY alternative Sears can offer to stand by a long time customer. Thank you. Dennis P********, ******


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  1. Hello Dennis, I just wanted to share my experience with you about my most recent problem with my 2 yr old Kenmore Elite Fridge, model No. 795.72053110 bottom freezer. During the month of August 2013, the fridge began to make a loud noise frequently. I have to include that I also purchased a 3 year extended warranty called a Master Protection Plan. When the initial service tech came out, he determined that ice was building up on the fan shroud of the freezer due to poor air circulation. He stated he needed to order the fan shroud and a new motherboard which would increase teh fan speed to increase air circulation. I was told I would recieve the new parts within 10 days and an appt was scheduled out for approx 2 weeks out. During this time the fridge worked, but I had to put up with that loud noise it was making. On the Tech's next visit, the new parts were installed witin a reasonable time frame. All seamed well. 3 Weeks after the repair was completed, my ice maker began to leak water and the food in my freezer begain to slowly thaw. I again, called Sears to schedule a tech to come back out. When the tech arrived, he determined that my compressor failed and needed to order one. It took a week before he could come back out to install the new compressor which was ordered on an expedited delivery. When he returned, (now a 4th service visit) he installed the new compressor. He eventually found a leak which conducting a pressure test of the freezer system. The Tech determined he needed a new evaporator which was the source of the refrigerant leak and needed to order that particular part. A new work order was created, the correct part was ordered, and once again a new appointment was made to now install the evaporator a week later. By this time, I have now been without a working fridge, for approx 2 weeks, its been amost 2 months battling 1 problem after another problem. So, the new evaporator arrives, and a few days later the the service tech arrives for the appointed time with the help of another tech. They pull apart the fridge, remove the old evaporator, and prep the install of the new one. When the open the package of the new evaporator, they realize that the WRONG evaporator has been sent. The tech double checked his work oder to confirm that the correct one (apparently this model had 2 evaporators) was ordered and showed me proof that it was correct. The warehouse sent the wrong part number. Their was nothing the tech could do to remedy this without the correct part. I told him I had reached my limit with patience on this and needed to know what were my options because I had purchased the Master Proteciton Plan. I spoke with a customer service tech and requested a new fridge due to the amount of problems I had with my existing fridge, and that I also requested a food spoilage reimburstment. I filed a claim for $250 for food reimburstment and recieved a voucher for a new fridge for the same value amount of my existing fridge when I purchased it back in 8/2011. I believe in the Kemore Elite brand as I purchased all of my appliances in that brand. This has been the only lemon and hope that it is an isolated incident. Today I get the same class of fridge delivered, the only difference is that I chose to go with the upgraded model of the Kenmore Elite Brand... the Grab 'n Go model.
    2 thought I would like to share: 1. As with any consumer product, one can buy a lemon so it is wise when purchasing a high value appliance ALWAYS ALWAYS spend the extra on exteded warranty. 2. I DO NOT have any ill feelings towards the service techs. They are polite and fully competent at what they do. I found no need to be mad at them for trying to fix a poorly engineered item. If I were you, I would see if you have the ablilty to file a claim for your lost food. Best of luck to you.

      • San Jose, CA

    How much food does your back up mini fridge hold?

    Although having a full-sized refrigerator as a back up could be considered by some folks as "over kill", one of them mini fridges is GREAT for cooling extra beverages during holidays and special events, with the added convenience of holding the high replacement value spoil-able food from a main fridge.

    All, without the need for making ICE runs, that a camping cooler would require.

    The mini fridges can be purchased in the store and taken home almost simultaneously, with just the need to attempt to keep the fridge packaging maintained in its upright condition for the trip back home.

    1. Adam,

      While you seem to think that a customer should spend more money for a back up, you fail to understand that for many people this is not a viable option.

      The correct answer would be for Sears to provide prompt and efficient service, rather than expecting the customer to accept unreasonable delays and additional costs

        • San Jose, CA

      Service could arrive with bells on and the units would STILL require parts to be ordered.

      You know how that darned parts delivery through the MAIL is so slow.

      The Mail people apparently don't "care" about their customers, either!

      And, then the inevitable further spoilage of food while an appointment for an installation Service call is being set up and moved onto the scheduling system.

      Having a 100 to 125 dollar back up will not hold all the main fridge's food.

      Similar to the way one backup generator will seldom power the WHOLE HOUSE, while the Utility folks are trying to restore main power.

      They must not "care" about their customer's inconvenience, either.

      At least there's the BBB to turn to to get at the retailer, service folks, mail delivery and those lazy Utility line repair folks.

      It's Labor Day, with a lot of visitors coming over. Sure would be nice to have some "extra" refrigeration capability today. Maybe a Camping Cooler or a Mini-Fridge would come in handy for these occasional needs of additional food and drink cooling?

      Not viable? Leave the macaroni and egg salad out on the counter and out of the sun. Chances are things will be just fine.

    2. Expecting the customer to wait for parts to be shipped, and then schedule a second appointment for the repair is not the action of a company that cares about their customers.

      Last week I had a problem with a refrigerator. I called a local service company at 10 AM. They had a technician on site at 12:30. He did not have the part needed. He went to a local distribution company, picked up the part, and was back at 2:15. The refrigerator was repaired and he was done by 3:00PM

      That is service, not what Sears provides

        • San Jose, CA

      Great job.

      You got a hold of a "speed boat" type service.

      They probably don't support several, decades worth of appliance or have a work force that could even HOPE to match what the Sears/ A & E service folks do.

      But, in this case, it worked out for you.

      Great job!

      Do they do tractors?

      How about TV's?

      Treadmills can be a challenge to repair, too.

      Another service not supplied to folks now-a-days is Full-Service gas station aisles.

      What's up with that?

  2. dpap,

    Hi, my name is Brian with the Sears Cares team. We can certainly understand the frustration you are experiencing with having to wait longer than expected for a repair. This on top of having your refrigerator serviced only four weeks ago would frustrate anyone. We have taken your personal contact information and will attempt to email you but if you would like to provide us with a phone number, you can email and a case manager will call as soon as possible. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience we have caused and we look forward to speaking with you.

    Thank you,

    Brian H.
    MySears Community Moderator

  3. Hi Dennis,

    We appreciate you giving us a chance to help in resolving this issue. I am sorry that you have had so much trouble in getting your appliance repaired and the inconvenience it has caused you and your family.

    Our Sears Cares team can help in making this right for you. One of our team members will be responding by requesting additional information from you. Once they receive the information they had requested, a dedicated case manager will be contacting you further.

    Please note that your personal information has been removed for your security and has been provided to the Sears Cares team.

    Thank you!

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