I am a sears stockholder, who in our company are responsible for paying the Khardashians as spokepersons? Kim, is married to one man, and having another’s child. Is this type of behavior reflective of the executive management’s morals? why are we always scraping the bottom of the barrell?


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  1. To whom do you think Kim Kardashian is married?

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      She's still legally married to that guy she married on television. Whatever his name is.

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      And she filed for divorce. If he's holding up the process, that's not her fault, and her life shouldn't be expected to be put on hold for that, should it? Besides, Jaclyn Smith has been married four times. Is that somebody whose lifestyle should be scorned? What about, say, Sandra Lee, who is "living in sin" with Andrew Cuomo? Paula Deen has been married twice. Audrina Patridge posed nude early in her modeling career. Ty Pennington was convicted for DUI. Whose life choices should we condemn?

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      Yes, but all those other celebrities have something that they became famous for other than a sex tape. That whole family is famous because of a SEX TAPE. HAHAHA!!!

      Sandra Lee dug herself out of a depressing background. Same with Paula Deen. They worked and achieved.

      Kim got famous for doing WHAT! I hope that hotel has good maid service.

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      I just don't think she is fit to represent any company. She is not particularly well educated. She has a degree in nothing. She is well self taught in self promotion. Her life style manifests bad morals. Sometimes you just have to call things for what they are. Let the chips fall. Her position with Sears holdings call out the ethical bankruptcy of our upper management. I sure would love to find out who signed her on?

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